Weekly Medicine Buddha Puja Fund


Medicine Buddha benefits:

  • Highly effective for healing professionals and patients
  • Capable of preventing natural disasters and associated negative effects
  • Facilitates deeper healing by eradicating afflictions of the mind
  • Helps relinquish self-centered thinking and dismantles ignorance
  • Leads to understanding of Dharmakaya (emptiness)
  • Results in speedy recuperation, empowering medicinal influence, and inner peace


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Help fund our four plus Medicine Buddha Pujas a month.

He is highly effective for both those working in the healing profession (such as doctors, nurses, healers, psychologists, etc.) and those seeking the right doctors, treatments, diagnoses, healing, and effective medicine. He has the power to prevent natural disasters and the resulting negative effects, diseases, or suffering.

At a deeper, inner level, he facilitates our healing by ultimately eradicating the afflictions of our mind. His methods aid us in relinquishing our self-centered thinking and dismantling our ignorance (the root of all our suffering), leading us to comprehend Dharmakaya (emptiness).

Following his teachings results in speedy recuperation from illnesses, the empowering influence of medicinal treatments, and a sharpened and serene mind that brings inner peace.


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